Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Very Special Weekend

What a great weekend we've had so far. On Friday, as my husband and kids enjoyed swimming with some old friends in Atlanta, I was able to meet three of my blogging friends: JenMarie, Tami and Mandy (who owns Limelight Papercrafts) and took a trip to Archiver's. It was so fun to meet them and talk about not only this papercrafting hobby we all love, but our faith as well. I shared about how God has blessed our life and ministry in Croatia and they patiently listened :-).

On Saturday, we had a family get together. But before the rest of the family arrived, I took the girls to get their haircuts. They've been growing their hair for a long time and wanted to donate it to Locks of Love, which is a "is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children." We finally did it this morning. Here are the before pictures.

And here they are in their new do with the sweet Nellie Ann who cut their hair for free. I'm so proud of my girls.

And here's Katy who just had to dress up for a ball using Nana's collection of hats and scarves. Don't you just love that blue lipstick (from the Icee she enjoyed just prior to the fashion show) :-)?

Tomorrow will be the highlight of our weekend as we join our friends and family at Faith Community Church. I miss worshiping in English so much that I really cherish these special times whenever I can.
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  1. fabbie post nina!!! Sooo fun that you got to meet up with some super bloggers:) Your girls are super a-dorable and what a great thing they've done! Your youngest is thee lipstick and all:)

  2. I've heard of Locks of Love and your girls made an amazing thing, I believe they are so proud of themselves and so are you :)
    Someone would say 'it's just hair' but it will mean so much for someone in need and your girls are sooo lovely with their new haircuts...
    The little one's hat and scarf is simply adorable.
    Glad you met more of your friends back in USA :)

    It was so hot and unbearable here in Croatia, it rained over the night so there's a little relief and fresh air today for all of us :)
    Don't worry, there will be plenty of sunny days when you come back haha


  3. awww... your girls are so sweet and pretty! and with big hearts, too! thanks for sharing those pretty photos!! have a fabulous weekend! =)

  4. How wonderful that you're teaching your girls about giving is such a personal way. Your daughters are just beautiful--glad you're enjoying your vacation and getting some crafting/shopping in!

  5. Thanks for the great pics, Nina! Adorable girls! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  6. Hi Nina!!! I can't believe you are in ATL and didn't tell me...sniff...we could have meet too!!! How much longer are you in ATL??? E-mail me when you get a chance :) !!! The girls have grown so much and tell them I'm so proud that they donate their gorgeous hair!!! Hugs ~S~

  7. Your DDs are gorgeous!! What a wondeful act to donate their beautiful hair! I am so glad you are having a wonderful trip here in the states. I continue to pray for your ministry and feel blessed to be a blog follower!! Hugs my friend!!

  8. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing your journey! And locks of love is a worthy cause and you should be so proud of your children for participating!

  9. I am totally jealous you get to go to Archivers!! That one in Atlanta is the closest oone to me. I hade one 10 min away before I moved.
    Your girls are so sweet for donating thier hair. They look lovely!

  10. Great things happened in Atlanta this weekend...your girls have made a great contribution to someone in need indeed! And they look so cute in their short hair too! If you haven't left Atlanta yet, you've got to get to the Rubber Stamp Fantasy in Marietta. It is an amazing stamp store on the square! Gary and Debbie are fantastic and so extremely helpful! Sally Lynn McDonald(Copic instructor) told me to check this store out last October. Since my daughter teaches there in Marietta, she brings my orders to me on visits home. Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe travels home!

  11. HOW FUN!! Love the pic of you all getting together-wish I was there:) And what a wonderful thing for your girls--donating their hair! What a blessing!!!

  12. Frizure su super, a Katy je prava umjetnica! ;)
    Kao što vidiš, započela sam blog kako si mi predložila. Pokušavam skratiti
    ove duge ljetne dane. Jesi li znala da Ivana B-F ima blog? Radimo na širenju ovog hobija diljem Hrvatske ;)
    Pozdrav iz Zaprešića!

  13. What a wonderful post, Nina! How neat that you got to meet up with JenMarie, Mandy and Tami! And your daughters' pictures are so cute! That was really sweet of them to donate their hair for the Locks of Love. It was a weekend of meetings, I think. I got to meet Jennie and Linda, as well as some other avid StampTV members (Olga and Patti)and friends at the Winston-Salem Stamp Show. It was such fun!

  14. Your daughters are so darling. Your youngest so adorable she makes my heart melt.

  15. Look at those precious angels!! Give them a big hug and tell them that Auntie Laura is so proud of them! Bravo girls!


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