Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Croatian life and Shopping Lists

There are many perks for living in a small town in Croatia. We all know our neighbors. It's very safe that sometimes we go to bed without locking our doors. There's no pollution, no traffic (except during harvest or when the ducks or chickens cross the road :-). You can pretty much walk everywhere.

However, there are also "challenges." We can't always get mail in a timely manner. The prices are high because there's not a lot of competition. We don't have a movie theater or malls or big supermarkets. We often buy our meat from the butcher shop and bread from the bakery. So, we go to Zagreb, Croatia's capital, for bigger purchases. And about a couple of times a year, my family takes a day trip to our neighboring countries, Austria and Slovenia, to go shopping. We live about 10 minutes from Slovenia and an hour from Austria. Prices there are much cheaper and they have an Ikea and Toys 'R Us. We still can't find many products we're accustomed to in America, but we're thankful for the little treats we find now and then.

Because we don't go there often, I often make up a list to do/buy, so I make sure I don't forget anything. I made this book list with that in mind. I printed the lined template that you can download from Lynn's blog.

Stamps: Organize It! Stamp TV kit
Paper: Green Apple, Sweet Corn, Red Lipstick, Oct Afternoon Farm Fresh
Ink: Vivid Straw and Brick Red, White pigment
Accents: Romance Button Assortment, ricrac, lace and Oval Nesties, EK Success round punch

On a recent shopping trip, we found a treasure that we've been craving for awhile: BABY BACK RIBS! This was our Sunday dinner: BBQ ribs (that my DH grilled to perfection), salad, BBQ beans, garlic bread and french fries. For dessert, we had banana pudding (using the last drop of condensed milk in my stash).

And here's Katy enjoying the "bones." My girls didn't know how to quite eat the ribs. They would take a bite, then toss it. We told them there were more meat in it. After that, they kept asking us if they ate enough. :-) You just can't waste good meat like that...they still don't get it, though, but they sure enjoyed it.

Thanks for letting me share me a bit about life in Croatia.

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  1. Nina, I love all your creations. I remember living in that part of the world, and going to Croatia many many times. It's funny because when I moved to the US 6 years ago, I couldn't find the food I am accustomed to, but the good thing here is that we can order online. :) We traveled as well to the neighboring countries for shopping.

  2. What a beautiful project, and I can see why you need it! I loved reading your blog today! Thank you for sharing that part of you with us! And your wee one is a doll!!! Is that perhaps mischief I see sparkling in her eyes??? Tee hee!

  3. Hey GF - so glad you all took a little road trip....I so miss Ikea and some good european cooking :)!!!

    Your shopping list is fabulous!!! Love how you designed it!!!

    Give the girls a hug from me :)!!! PS... if you ever need anything let me know!!! Hugs ~S~

  4. We are so spoiled in the states! Love your to do list! I saw that on Lynn's blog. Very sweet. You can make a loooong "honey-do list with one of those :-) Love the paper and the embellishments you've chosen!! Have a wonderful day and LOVED the pics!! Can't show dh or he'll want me to cook (ha!)

  5. Hi Nina!

    I come from Slovenia. Also with us is not such devices and materials, as in America. Next time you go on a trip, visit the store in Celje. Maybe this will be a little pointed at America. Links to their websites: http://www.memories.si

    Best regards from Suzana.

  6. Nina, I don't know how many years it's been since you were living in the States. But there is a movement taking place that is pushing more old-world ideals in an effort to be more GREEN: grow your own fruits & veggies, bake your own bread, sew, make your own gifts, etc. More of a push for the way things used to be here and the way things ARE where you live now.

    I actually only go shopping a few times a year, even though I live less than 10 minutes away from a mall. We grocery shop every Sunday, but in the growing season I have my own garden filled with fruits & veggies for us to eat. I sew my own curtains/skirts, etc. It's actually quite liberating and empowering to be able to do things. So don't feel bad that you don't have all the luxuries- because some of us have them and don't want them! LOL

  7. Awesome Nina!
    Thank-you so much for sharing some about croatia! I knew nothing! Nada! Not even where it was located.. Imagine that? DOH! On me.
    Love thelist glad and thankful you attached the template and can't wait to get mine made!!

  8. such a sweet post, nina-including the cutie eating ribs!

  9. I really enjoyed reading this, Nina! I love to know a little more about you and your life! Katy is so cute chewing on that rib!! =)

  10. Love your cute notepad! And your daughter is adorable!


  11. Nina,
    enjoyed the read. And even though I had a feel for how it is in Croatia via my DH who spent time there. I really didn't realize just how difficult it is to get a lot of things we have easy access to here.
    Your to do list is super sweet I adore the lace, ric rac, ribbon and buttons. Love how you've lined them up. And your daughter is simply adorable eating the rib! Thanks for being such an inspiration and sharing a it more about you and your family!
    I tried to downlaod the list and no such luck. Thank you though for sharing!

  12. I understand you girl!!!

    You made great job on that"to do" list. I love that lace!

    And what a cute angel you have there!!!
    Just looking at her made me hungry!lol.


  13. It sounds like something out of a book, so different than life here in So Cal (as you well know). I'm thinking you prefer it except perhaps for being so far away from family?

    Now that I've seen your supper, I'm starving and craving ribs! Messy but oh so finger lickin' good!

  14. Nina, that just sounds like my life - living in destinations like us, we have our advantages and disadvantages... but sure we get real organizers and your book ist just perfect for that! I also usually have three shopping/wish lists,... one for the local stuff, one for the Cairo (next big city) and one for Germany (my original home) ... and this way, we get the most out of everything, may be more than others, that live all their life in one place ;-)


Thank you for your kind comments.

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