Thursday, March 12, 2009

His Holy Name Challenge

I just joined a paper craft challenge at SCS called His Holy Name where the challenge leader gives us one of God's marvelous attributes to study and create something that relates to that. I came in late, but they've been doing it since the beginning of the year. The latest study/challenge is God being our Creator. Here's the card I posted. I made it a couple of years ago, but it's appropriate for this theme:

Psalm 115:15 in Croatian that says, "The Lord bless you who created heaven and earth." You can find the details here.

Here's what I share in the forum about this attribute:

God being my Creator has been the one attribute that I've clung to all my life. I graduated with a Biology degree from a very secular university and was bombarded with evolution everywhere. By God's grace, I held on to the truth of His being my Creator and allowed me to see the intricacies of His creation in my studies and increased my awe of Him. I can never look at a feather again without marveling at His ingenuity in the design that allows birds to fly. And my favorite class of all - Immunology. There's just something about these little parts of our bodies (amino acids, genes, etc.) that work perfectly together (without being told) so we can function and live. It's amazing when you look at molecules that are perfect fit to others in order to fight off diseases or make new cells. Fascinating indeed!

I had a professor who would cry when she would share her findings on the crow. She marveled at how well natural selection worked to produce a crow. I remember thinking, "If you only knew the Creator who made them." I am thankful God has opened my eyes to know Him and to appreciate His beautiful creation more deeply than many scientists, who spend a lifetime studying, do. Pin It


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