Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!

I've been keeping a family blog for a few years now. This new blog is to highlight my hobby of paper crafting. I've been an avid crafter, specifically, card making and stamping since I was a little girl. I didn't discover the stamping industry until 10 years ago when a friend gave me a bunch of stamping supplies as a going away gift when my husband and I moved to Croatia from Los Angeles to become full-time missionaries. That box of supplies kept me entertained during the cold, winter months in our new home. As missionaries, we send out a lot of correspondence all year. This has encouraged me to keep making cards.

I introduced some Croatian and Bosnian friends to stamping and they were immediately hooked. With no Hallmark stores around, cardmaking is even more necessary here. I've learned to be resourceful since there are no Joanns nearby. One of my frustrations is not having Croatian sentiments to stamp on the cards we make. So, I started making fancy sentiments on Word to print out on cards. This prompted me to illustrate some images that I could also use on my stamps.

In November 2008, I downloaded an open-source illustrator program called Inkscape. I taught myself to draw on the computer. After a few hand-drawn sketches and creating digital versions of them, I thought why not submit them to stamp companies and maybe they'll be interested in making them into stamps. Little did I expect that the majority of the companies who saw samples my drawings were interested in purchasing my art. I sold my first sets in January 2008.

Now, I start my new life as a stamp illustrator. I will post info here as my stamps become available. Pin It

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  1. How exciting! What a wonderful gift! I'll definitely be following to see what you create!


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