Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hey there, Hot Rod!

My STAMP SALE is in full swing. I still have some left. Thank you to those who already purchased some of them.

Today's card is something I made over a year ago. Before I went on vacation, I had to look for older cards that I hadn't shared on my blog yet and, lo and behold, I had quite a few. This is another publication reject and I can't say I really blame them :). The coloring was a little sloppy on this one.

The stamps are GinaK's Heartily Yours and Heartily Yours Addition.

Hot Rod
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  1. I'm interested in purchasing some of your stamp sets if you still have them: Sew Pretty, Special Deliver and additions, Aloha, Heartily Yours, Heartily Yours Additions, Beach Bum and Sung from the Heart. I couldn't get the email to work

  2. TOOOOOO cute, Nina!! I love those button wheels! SO FUN!

  3. I LOVE THIS! Bright colors and button wheels? Adorable!

  4. Aww! This is so cute! Love those wheels


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