Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Winner!

Wow, ladies, you gave me some names to definitely check out. Where have I been that I haven't heard some of the divas you mentioned :-)?

Without further ado, there were 36 entries and Lisa and JenMarie added one more each for sending their lovely friends here, and our blog candy winner is...AshJoy. Please send me your address (knbrackett at yahoo dot com) and I'll mail Elegant Post to you as soon as I find a post office in Orlando :-).

Thanks all for entering. I'll try to post pictures from CHA tomorrow!
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  1. congrats gurl! oh, there's a post office in Celebration, FL! it's the town that Walt built for his Disney employees... and then it's postmarked from "Celebration" hehe :) one day I'm gonna mail myself something from there!

  2. congratulations ashjoy!! beautiful set!

  3. congrats AshJoy!!

    Have fun with the gorgeous stamp set!
    Thanks so much Nina for giving us all the chance to win .


Thank you for your kind comments.

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