Friday, April 3, 2009

Exciting News!!!

I'm getting published by Paper Crafts Magazine. It's my very first submission and I got in! I couldn't sit still after I read the acceptance email. My poor husband didn't know what was going on. He was happy for me, but he really didn't understand how big a deal it is. I'm so new in the designing business: illustrating for stamps, starting a blog, participating in blog challenges and now submitting for publication. So, all these things I'm doing are new to him, too. In the past, I just made my cards in my little corner whenever I could find time, sometimes while he's reading close to me.

The card I submitted actually has a lot of stories behind it. Most of the supplies I used were given to me (one perk of being a missionary is I get gifts from dear friends :-)). Doris and Lisa are two cyber-friends I haven't had a privilege to meet who also sent me craft goodies that I used on my card. Some of the accents I used came from my travels to Israel, the Philippines and, of course, Croatia.

Anyway, I'm just super excited and wanted to share my news. Pray that I will be able to send it without damaging it from Croatia.

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